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About Our Local Boat Club

  1. Pay the $100.00 Annual Membership Fee to join our Local Boat Club.
  2. Once you have joined our club, you can choose between 4 different packages that come with different amounts of hours Bronze-12, Silver-24, Gold-36, Platinum-50
  3. You will then be assigned a “Member Code” and a “Membership Account” will be created for you that will reflect your purchase.
  4. Once you have your “Member Code” and “Member Account”, you will be able to enter your code online at to reserve the amount of time and the equipment you would like to use.
  5. All Rentals come with fuel onboard and Members are asked to pay for any fuel used. Our website allows you to pay fuel upfront or you can sign a Credit Card Authorization form and keep it on file with us in the office.
  6. All required safety equipment will be onboard. The State of Texas requires all boats on Texas waters to be equipped with enough lifejackets for everyone on board. Please confirm with the staff the number of lifejackets you will need to have onboard before all trips.
  7. All equipment will be clean and prepared for your specific use. Please book at least 24 hours in advance to allow our staff to prepare your order.
  8. Please return Keys and Kill Switch to dockhand after each trip.

Exclusive Access

Membership Pricing

  1. Membership benefits include access to 4 Package Levels to use at your convenience
  2. Members will benefit a huge savings when purchasing hours in advance
  3. Membership annual administration fee is $100.00
  4. Members will receive a 10% Discount at all of our stores including Salt Life, Surfs Up, Ocean Motion & Beach Club

Membership Levels:

All membership levels may use hours one at a time

Bronze Level – 1 Boat, 12 hours for $1,000.00  (save $800.00)
Silver Level – 1 Boat, 24 hours for $2,000.00  (save $1,600.00)

Gold and Platinum Level Members may use all equipment

Gold Level – 2 Boats, 36 hours for $3,000.00  (save  $2,400.00)
Platinum Level – 3 Boats, 50 hours for $4,000.00  (save  $3,500.00) 

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